MISSOULA, MT, October 12th 2016 - Spectrum Aquatics has launched a brand new Pop Up Anchor for deck level pools. This new Pop Up Anchor has been designed and built with the user in mind. Fully constructed of 316 stainless steel, the anchor also locks open for ease of attachment to the lane line rope. Based on user feedback, "moving the anchor outside the pool provides flexibility for anchor locations relative to other courses, specifically interferences between primary and cross course anchor locations." said Nabil Khaled, Spectrum Aquatics Vice President and Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

The Pop Up Anchor can be used on leisure pools or pools with water polo and cross course swimming. If lane line ropes are not in use, the anchors are hidden on the deck and provide a pool wall free of anchors. Typical underwater anchors pull the rope down below water level, either near the anchor or at both ends of the pool. This Pop Up Anchor allows the lane ropes to be flush with the pool deck surface level for the entire length of the pool and significantly reducing the wave quelling. To learn more, visit http://www.spectrumproducts.com/product/pop-up-anchor/.

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