MISSOULA, MT, September 20th 2017 - This year, the Spectrum Aquatics 2017 Day of Caring was at
held at the Moon-Randolph Homestead. The City of Missoula purchased the 470-acre Randolph property in
1996 to preserve open space for animals, plants and people. The ranch is located at the northwest corner of
the property and has been continuously cultivated for 100 years by the Moon and Randolph families—
which gradually began to draw the attention of curious and concerned citizens. Since 2000, the NMCDC
has managed the homestead through a cooperative agreement with the City of Missoula Parks and
Recreation Department. This public-nonprofit partnership receives significant support from the private
sector and provides an innovative model for collaborative community building.

Twenty-two employees donated and completed 77 hours of work! We sorted a large wood pile and pulled
nails out of boards which will be used to finish re-construction of the Winch Shed. We repaired fences and
reset fence posts along the entry of the homestead and the pig pen, put mulch around the old apple trees in
the orchard, filled mole holes, repaired an outdoor table, reinstated and touched up the bee hotel and
clipped thistle heads.

"We are excited about this project in many ways," added Marketing Manager, Chase Taylor of Spectrum
Aquatics. "We have seen benefits of being able to give back to our community and it has create a great
network for Spectrum and Missoula Park and Rec. Dept. The fact that it is our annual Day of Caring makes
it even more meaningful."

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