Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park

Phase 1 construction of the highly anticipated Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park is complete, featuring a state-of-the-art 8,686-square-foot aquatics center.

The large competition pool is part of the massive new aquatics center, and with a focus on inclusivity, the pool is made accessible for all with two Spectrum Aquatic Lolo Water Powered Pool Lifts

While the Lolo Water Powered Pool Lift comes with a larger price tag, there are several benefits that make it stand apart from our traditional battery-powered lifts and well worth the investment.


The Water Power Difference

  • No electrical componentsDSC_3827
  • No batteries to keep charged or replace
  • 400lb lifting capacity
  • ADA/ABA Compliant and meets Title 24: California Code of Regulations
  • Very few parts will ever need replacing

"Lolo is always ready to use, making this pool lift extremely functional. We have water-powered lifts that were installed 20+ years ago and still operating without issue."

Steven Nelson | Spectrum Aquatics Technical Advisor

Take a look at the Lolo Water Powered Pool Lift Brochure or visit the Lolo product page below. 


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