Every pool requires essential features such as ADA-compliant Pool Chair Lifts and a selection of stair, grab, and handrails. However, integrating these necessities into your upscale facility doesn't mean they have to detract from its aesthetic appeal.

Our sleek stainless steel custom rails and pool chair lifts will blend seamlessly into your environment providing mobility assistance and adhering to federal regulations, keeping your pool deck luxurious! 

Meeting federal ADA requirements doesn't mean sacrificing style or elegance for your pool's design.

ADA Pool Chair Lifts

Why settle when you can elevate?

Incorporating an ADA-compliant Pool Chair Lift is essential for ensuring inclusivity at your pool. Yet, the search for the perfect lift often leads to encountering options that are far from ideal – think glaring plastics, overly vibrant hues, chipping paint, rust issues, and cumbersome designs that hardly blend with your pool's refined ambiance.

We have worked diligently at Spectrum Aquatics to create ADA-compliant Pool Chair Lifts that stand far and above the competition!

Crafted with the finest American-made 304L or 316L stainless steel, our pool chair lifts feature straightforward mechanics and impeccable welding from our team of artisans, ensuring a product you'll be happy to include on your pool deck.

ADA Pool Lift-2
Long Beach, CA

Custom Rails

Add a look of elegance where it is least expected.

From gentle slopping curves to complex custom arches, your imagination is limitless when it comes to designing stair rails. 

While our catalog includes standard 2- and 3-Bend rails as our foundational offerings, the truth is, "standard" is not a term in our vocabulary. Let our rails be a jumping-off point to something really special. Every stair and handrail is tailored to flawlessly complement the unique contours of your pool. 

Stainless steel stair, hand and grab rails offer an opportunity to infuse a touch of sophistication into your pool area. Transform a mandatory feature into an asset that enhances the overall allure of your space.

The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

The Shine Says It All

What makes Spectrum Aquatics Stainless Steel so vibrant?

Every piece of stainless steel that leaves our Missoula, MT facility is meticulously hand-polished. This includes all rails and pool chair lifts and ensures there is no mistaking Spectrum Aquatics stainless steel when compared to the steel of our competitors.

The journey toward the Spectrum Aquatics stainless steel shine starts as we exclusively source our stainless steel from carefully selected mills across the United States. Working only with the highest quality American-made stainless steel provides us with a pure product free from imperfections. Additionally, we treat every piece of steel with our 3-Step Process of Electropolishing, Passivation, and Spectra Shield™ coating, which guarantees you the utmost longevity in even the harshest aquatic environments.

Maintaining your stainless steel is important. Nothing ruins the glittering shine more than water stains. Spectrum Aquatics has designed Specta-Clean™, a ready-to-use stainless steel passivation solution that is perfect for daily use. Routinely wiping down rail surfaces and rinsing with unchlorinated water restore the stainless steel shine.

Rails and motion trek
Chicago, IL

Powder Coating

Exceptional application ensures long-lasting results.

Powder coating is available for our rails and pool lifts, allowing you to tailor the design to your specific branding or preferences.

Applied with precision, our powder coating adheres flawlessly to stainless steel, ensuring a finish free from any chipping or cracking. The secret behind our powder coating durability... Our manufacturing process.

Defined by precision and attention to detail and upheld by rigorous quality control standards that ensure every surface is impeccably prepared for powder coating. We meticulously hand-polish each weld on our stainless steel to remove any impurities, preventing any future corrosion at your pool. Additionally, every powder-coated piece of stainless steel undergoes a process perfected by our manufacturing team under the skilled oversight of Joe Weimer. This process, honed through years of experimentation and refinement, ensures unparalleled durability and finish.

all the rails
Custom Black Powder Coated Handrails at the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago
ADA Pool Lift-3

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