Few things compare to the rush of adrenaline that an athlete feels as they step onto the starting platform before a meet. The nerves, excitement and pressure all come to a head as the swimmer gets in race ready position waiting for the start. With all of this anticipation, the last thing an athlete should have to worry about is the condition of the platform. Facility owners have a responsibility to ensure that their starting platforms are fabricated for longevity and dependability to ensure a victorious race for each individual swimmer. 

When planning for a new competitive swimming pool or considering renovations for existing aquatics facilities, it is important to select equipment that will improve the overall athlete experience. Because of this, the top priority for starting block selection should be its stability. A swimmer’s mass should be equally distributed on the platform to ensure a fair, non-wobbly start.

At Spectrum Aquatics, we have dedicated over 50 years of industry knowledge to develop our patented anchoring system for a wobble-free starting block. This revolutionary product uses a locator pin for optimal stability, is manufactured in a bronze material that will stand up to the corrosive environment of an aquatics facility and features an alignment slot design for easy installation and removal when necessary.

Selecting a starting block for your facility also depends greatly on the design of your competitive or recreational swimming pool. Starting platforms can be manufactured with either a single post or dual posts depending on the deck and gutter configuration of your pool. A dual post starting platform is generally ideal for wide gutter and parapet designs that are commonly seen in many larger competition pools, while a single post is ideal for competition pools with smaller lane lines and gutter designs. It is also important to consider facility colors and logos that can be integrated into the design of your starting platform. Spectrum Aquatics helps enhance the look and feel of your facility by providing custom logo and color upgrades to create a truly unique starting platform that will have guests in awe of your swimming pool.

It is important to keep in mind that constant competition between aquatics facilities, new product developments and regulation changes will require owners to always be prepared for facility renovations. Rather than breaking up concrete surfacing in an existing facility for replacement installations, Spectrum starting platforms easily retrofit to existing mounts to save you time and money. This allows for your facility to easily plan for future expansions and adapt to changing trends and regulations in aquatics. Consistent renovations to your facility will attract new interest bringing more athletes, more meets, and thus, more revenue. 

While most starting block designs appear the same, key components prolong longevity and enhance the overall user experience. At Spectrum Aquatics, we know athletes depend on a solid starting platform to ensure the beginning of their race will lead to victory. Our number one priority is to ensure each swimmer comes out of the pool feeling like they achieved their personal bests and can’t wait to get back in the water.

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Sylvia Author: Sylvia Bucklew

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