Starting Block Maintenance Kit

Starting Block Maintenance Kit

Starting Block Maintenance Kit []

Extend The Life Of Your Products

• 32oz Spectra Shield – Stainless Steel protectant to be applied after cleaning/passivation.
• 22oz Spectra Clean System 2 – Citric based Stainless steel cleaner and passivation solution
• Disposable Rags – Rags for applying Spectra Clean and Spectra Shield
• Scratchless Scotch-Brite Pad – Scratchless pad for scrubbing stubborn deposits
• Nylon Brush – Nylon bristle brush for scrubbing grit tape surfaces
• 3M Edge Sealer – Adhesive for sealing edges of grit tape and adhesion of repair grit
• Repair Grit – Crushed Silica media for traction surface

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