Stationary Backstroke Start Wedge [Part#1710083]

Stationary Backstroke Start Wedge [Part#1710083]

Stationary Backstroke Start Wedge [Part#1710083]

The Stationary Backstroke Start Wedge allows swimmers to perfect their backstroke takeoffs at their local pool for a fraction of the cost of other practice wedge systems. It utilizes the same non-slip wedge and straps as our top-of-the-line Backstroke Start Device and can easily attach to nearly any existing starting block frame. All included hardware is stainless steel material that prevents corrosion and extends the life of the product.


• Improves foot grip for backstroke starts
• Easy to use
• Works with multiple styles of blocks
• Attaches with straps or anchors
• Easily adjustable

Support for Stationary Backstroke Start Wedge
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Stationary Backstroke Start Wedge Owners Manual (1710083) Download
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