From Accessibility to Inclusivity: 
Exceeding Standards in Aquatic Design


Spectrum Aquatics, providing solutions for inclusivity and ADA accessibility for over 50 years.

Initially seen as an "added hurdle" the incorporation of inclusive and ADA accessible features such as pool lifts to an aquatic facility was made mandatory in 2010 by the Standards for Accessible Design under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

With time, there has developed an understanding among aquatics professionals of the necessity and benefits added to a facility with an inclusive and accessible design. 

“Now they see an advantage, to do the right thing and accommodate anyone with physical challenges... it’s this accommodation that will probably give them increased traffic to their facility."

Nabil Khaled - VP of Marketing and Sales

Spectrum Aquatics manufactures American-made accessibility products including our Motion Trek and Traveler ADA Pool Lifts, RailsLadders, and Steps

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