Yes, KERSPLASH® Challenger is exactly like a rock climbing wall, but for the pool!

We are asked all the time if our KERSPLASH® Pool Climbing Walls are similar to a rock climbing wall, and the short answer is yes. The Spectrum Aquatics KERSPLASH® Pool Climbing Wall and KERSPLASH® Challenger Pool Climbing Wall feature handholds just like those on a rock climbing wall. The only difference is we added a SPLASH at the end!

With a 280lb weight limit and the largest climbable area on the market, KERSPLASH® is great for family fun. Both children and adults can use our pool climbing walls and enjoy the challenge of making it to the top. 

Ready, Set, Climb!

Arrange the hand holds to be more challenging, rotate a few handholds upside down, or eliminate hand holds altogether. You can also add more handholds for an easier climb. It's up to you how challenging or simple the climb will be, very similar to a rock climbing wall. 

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