Will I Need a Diving Well?

While a diving well is not necessary for KERSPLASH® Challenger, it does require a specific pool depth, which varies depending on the height of the climbing wall.

For the safety of all climbers, KERSPLASH® Challenger Pool Climbing Wall requires anywhere from 5ft to 9ft of water depth. The recommended pool depth is determined by which pool climbing wall you install. 

The KERSPLASH® Challenger offers a thrilling adventure with its climbable space of 8ft, 12ft, and 16ft. When the top safety panel is attached, the wall height reaches an impressive 10ft, 14ft, and 18ft. These heights are achieved by stacking 1, 2, or 3 panels on top of each other. 


While most standard diving boards require a diving well of 7.5ft - 9ft, according to the American National Standards Institute, most diving wells are actually 20ft - 40ft deep to allow for platform diving as well. Additionally, FINA requires that a 1-meter springboard have an 11.5ft diving well, and the depth is increased based on the height of the dive.

The suggested pool depths for KERSPLASH® Challenger are as follows:

Table for water depth requirements

KERSPLASH® Challenger Pool Climbing Wall can definitely be installed in a diving well as long as it meets the above requirements. This versatility is one of the many reasons why the KERSPLASH® Challenger is such a popular choice among pool owners. Whether you have a dedicated diving well or a pool with a separate area for diving, the Kersplash Challenger can easily be integrated into your existing setup.

One of the key advantages of the KERSPLASH® Challenger is its ability to be easily removed from the pool deck. This means that when the diving well is being used for diving purposes, you can simply store the Challenger away until it's time for some thrilling climbing action. This flexibility ensures that both divers and climbers can enjoy their activities without any compromise.

So why not take your pool to new heights and add a KERSPLASH® Challenger to your facility today?


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