Spectra Shield™ is an Exclusive Step in the Spectrum Aquatics Stainless Steel Manufacturing Process

Spectrum Aquatics Exclusive Spectra Shield™ 

Spectrum Aquatics Spectra Shield is a proprietary, high-quality blend of chemicals formulated to protect all grades of stainless steel from moisture and the harsh atmospheric chemicals commonly found in and around the aquatic environment. Spectra Shield works by embedding itself into the microstructure of the stainless steel surface grain, keeping water and chemicals out of the surface structure.

Once the treatment is applied, it cannot be removed with water or other cleaning solutions. Spectra Shield does not change the surface appearance or the feel of the stainless steel, and most importantly provides a very safe yet corrosion-resistant finish. Spectrum Aquatics uses only domestically made stainless steel from select mills located in the United States. 

We pride ourselves on our extremely efficient and precise manufacturing process, tight quality control, and attention to detail. Every weld is hand polished to remove surface contaminants that could corrode the product in the field, and every piece of stainless steel goes through a 3-Step process: Electropolish, Passivation, and Spectra Shield. We are the only aquatics manufacturer utilizing this as part of our standard manufacturing process.

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Since 2010 Spectra Shield™ has been applied to all stainless products, protecting at the microscopic level.