14′ Duraflex Aluminum Board [Part#22210]

14′ Duraflex Aluminum Board [Part#22210]

14′ Duraflex Aluminum Board [Part#22210]

High-quality springboard diving equipment that is the standard in the diving industry. Duraflex boards are made of single piece ribbed extruded aluminum alloy with a top surface coated in aqua-colored thermal-curing epoxy resin. The board is finished with a laminate of flint silica and alumina, between coats of epoxy to provide a slip-resistant surface.

This board is ideal for recreational diving in commercial pools.


• Heat treated for superior yield strength of 50,000 psi
• Slip-resistant surface


  • Anchor, Bronze (set of 8), Part#22020
  • Anchor, Bronze (Set of 6), Part#22100
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