16′ Maxiflex B Diving Boards [Part#22240]

16′ Maxiflex B Diving Boards [Part#22240]

16′ Maxiflex B Diving Boards [Part#22240]

This diving board is seen in most major competitive diving events in the world. The Maxi-B is slightly lighter in weight and is said to give a quicker action in the hurdle step. The double-tapered design allows the whole board to arc while flexing, giving it approximately 15% more lift than the standard Duraflex.


• Used in most major diving competitions in the world
• Lighter weight
• Provides quicker action in hurdle step
• Double-taper design offers superior lift


  • Anchor, Bronze (set of 8), Part#22020
  • Anchor, Bronze (Set of 6), Part#22100
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