Spectrum Aquatics has successfully passed all tests to receive Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing for the Motion Trek® BP 400 Pool Chair Lift. UL is an organization that is a world leader in product safety testing and certifications. Spectrum's listing specifically addresses structural safety of electrically powered pool lifts (UL Std. 60335-2-1000) intended for persons requiring safe assistance in and out of a pool.

UL engineers conducted tests to ensuring standards related to design, electrical safety, and structural integrity were met. Manufacturers submit their products voluntarily to UL for testing and safety certification.

"Safety, design, and structural integrity have been at the forefront of Spectrum Aquatics for 50 years. Now that Spectrum has the UL listing on our Motion Trek® BP 400, we can give our customers the extra guarantee that it's been manufactured and assembled in accordance with widely accepted standards.” said Nabil Khaled, Spectrum Aquatics Vice President Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.

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