Lifeguard Chairs with varying heights.

The Lifeguard Chairs Your Pool Needs Now!

Spectrum Aquatics prides itself on offering some of the fastest lead times in the industry, especially when it comes to our Lifeguard Chairs. Choose from our range of permanent and portable lifeguard chair options tailored to suit your facility's unique needs.

Our permanent lifeguard chairs are securely attached to a specific spot on the pool deck. Crafted from the highest-quality American stainless steel that has undergone the Spectrum 3-Step Process, our permanent lifeguard chairs are durable and built to last in the harshest aquatic environments. 

Our portable lifeguard chairs are crafted with the same sturdy stainless steel. In contrast to the fixed chairs, these adaptable choices feature wheels or easily slidable bases for seamless mobility across your pool deck.

Additionally, we offer the Mendota Lifeguard Chair, constructed from high-density polyethylene material with colorants and UV inhibitors that are resistant to rotting, splintering, and cracking. The Mendota Lifeguard Chair is a highly sought-after choice, offering both popularity and portability with the added convenience of an upgraded wheel kit.

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While all our Lifeguard Chairs are exceptional, there are three at the top of the best-selling list.

Month after month, our best-selling lifeguard chairs are the Discovery, Mendota, and Sapphire.

The Discovery Lifeguard Chair

The portable Discovery Lifeguard Chair is a perfect blend of lightweight design and robust stainless steel construction. Available in 5ft, 6ft, and 8ft heights, this lifeguard chair allows lifeguards to have a complete 360° view of the pool area from a swivel chair. For added stability, the optional Ballast System is available. The Discovery lifeguard chair comes with wheels for ease of movement around the pool deck or when placing into storage. 

Orange Coast College- Lifeguard chair 2020 


"The Discovery is a solid choice because it's lightweight and easy to move. The optional umbrella holder provides shade and comfort for anyone on duty."

Jake Godinez - National Sales Manager 



The Mendota Lifeguard Chair

The Mendota Lifeguard Chair is constructed from high-density polyethylene material with colorants and UV inhibitors that are resistant to rotting, splintering, and cracking. Choose from 7 different heights and 2 unique designs for the Mendota Lifeguard Chair. Portability is an option with the wheel kit, and extra stability is available with the optional Ballast System



"Mendota is great because it offers easy upkeep. It will not rot, crack, or splinter and is resistant to moisture, oil, rust, fungi, and salt spray."

Stephen Nelson - Senior Technical Advisor




The Sapphire Lifeguard Chair

The Sapphire Lifeguard Chair securely fastens to your preferred spot on the pool deck, offering a sleek design that maximizes space and is perfect for rollout gutter pools. Complete with a molded plastic 360° swivel seat, it's no wonder our customers keep choosing the Sapphire lifeguard chair for their pool needs.

Stimson Lifeguard Chair


"Sapphire is a great option from our permanent line of Lifeguard Chairs because it has a small footprint and will not compromise deck space."

Rachel King - Inside Sales Supervisor




Available in a range of heights!

Lifeguards need to be able to survey their assigned areas with an unobstructed view. Depending on your location, this can be a challenge, which is why our lifeguard chairs come in a variety of heights. Taller lifeguard chairs are better suited for larger pools. Consider how many lifeguards you need to cover your facility and the best way to give them an adequate view from their posting. This will help you determine the best height to select for your lifeguard chairs.

Download the Spectrum Aquatics Catalog and explore our Lifeguard Chairs for yourself!

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