Powder coating on Spectrum Aquatics Stainless Steel Hand Rail

What's Under Your Powder Coating?

Choosing the perfect powder coat finish for your Spectrum Aquatics stainless steel products is not just a decision, but a statement that reflects the spirit of your facility, whether it is a team, a school, or an overall brand identity.

However, should the stainless steel not meet stringent quality standards, imperfections will become apparent beneath the applied powder coating.

At Spectrum Aquatics, we exclusively source our stainless steel from carefully selected mills across the United States. Our pride lies in our highly efficient and meticulous manufacturing process, which is governed by stringent quality control measures and unwavering attention to detail.

Every weld undergoes hand polishing to eliminate any surface contaminants that may cause corrosion in the field. Additionally, each piece of stainless steel undergoes our exclusive 3-Step Process, ensuring the highest quality standards.


We have a color for that!

Our diverse range of custom powder-coating colors and finishes aims to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your facility while maintaining your school/team spirit and brand identity. We provide standard powder coating options and can assist you in tailoring each component to your specific needs, creating the facility you've always envisioned. 

Custom powder coating is available on all Spectrum Aquatics stainless steel.

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