Fusion Starting Platform, Single Post [Part#57281]

Fusion Starting Platform, Single Post [Part#57281]

Fusion Starting Platform, Single Post [Part#57281]

The Fusion Starting Block is a fusion of technologies between Spectrum Aquatics® and Colorado Time Systems®. The swim starting block features a CTS Relay Judging platform and accessories, as well as an adjustable Track Start footrest as approved by World Aquatics, USA Swimming, NCAA and NFHS.


  • Built-in Colorado Time Systems® RJP to calculate reaction time and relay exchanges
  • Speedlights across the front of the RJP and step-side start indicator flash simultaneously with starting system horn and strobe light
  • Lights provide an additional signal to athletes and create a more equal start for hearing-impaired swimmers
  • World Aquatics, NFHS, USA Swimming and NCAA compliant
  • Uses single post anchor with patented anti-wobble, locator pinned design
  • 32″ x 24″ NON-SLIP surface platform top for extra-fast starts
  • Side handles to enhance speed and quick takeoffs
  • Backstroke handles with versatile 18″ H bar
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Suggested setback of 30″ – accommodates anchor setbacks of 18″ to 36″
  • Available in grey, with upgrade of custom colors and logos available


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