Expansion Post Anchor

Expansion Post Anchor

Expansion Post Anchor []

Our patented Expansion Post Anchor fits most existing starting platform pre-drilled post holes providing an easy and quick solution to updating your swim starting blocks without the hassle of construction. The Expansion Post Anchor utilizes an innovative internal expansion wedge positioned within the starting block post, ensuring equal pressure is applied to every side of the block post for maximum stability.

When planning for a new competitive swimming pool or considering renovations for existing aquatics facilities, it is important to select equipment that will improve the overall athlete experience. Because of this, the top priority for swim starting block selection should be its stability. A swimmer’s mass should be equally distributed on the platform to ensure a fair, non-wobbly start.

Spectrum Dual Post Round and Single Post Square Starting Platforms are available with the Expansion Post Anchor. 

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Spectrum's Patented Expansion Post Anchor

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